Wirraka Maya Health Service Aboriginal Corporation (WMHSAC) is an Aboriginal health care service designed to ensure our client's journey through the health system meets their medical, health, social and cultural needs.

WMHSAC originated from the efforts of Aboriginal people to establish a health service that addressed the unmet needs of Aboriginal people in the Port Hedland, South Hedland areas and surrounding communities.

WMHSAC has over 13,000 Aboriginal people registered to receive its services. 5,165 of whom are actively engaged and regularly receiving primary care, wellbeing and prevention services and programs. In 2010/2011 WMHS has conducted more than 20,000 services within the Medical Services and Wellness Centre.

WMHSAC has 15 experienced health professionals who work together to improve health outcomes in the region. They are supported by 17 community engagement and administrative staff.


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WMHSAC offers medical services to the Aboriginal people of Hedland. FIND OUT MORE
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WMHSAC is committed to the principles of Aboriginal Community Control. FIND OUT MORE