Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programs

WMHSAC offers comprehensive counselling services and provides mental health and life determining services to the local and surrounding communities. WMHSAC staff are a blend of experienced interdisciplinary social health and counselling professionals who focus on a vast range of social issues and offer tailored support to fit.

WMHSAC seeks to provide or teach our clients with quality care and services that reduce stress, anxiety and depression while reinforcing effective coping skills, inner-strength and overall sense of well-being. Our staff use a number of treatment models so as to enhance positive social outcomes in a timely manner.

WMHSAC focuses in the provision of individual, couple and family services. Our professionals work actively to involve our clients in solving their presenting problems and issues. At WMHSAC our goal is to provide targeted social services that meet the needs of the community.

The wellbeing centre also runs a number of emotional & social wellbeing health outreach programs including: